Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

Independence Day was pretty cool. We both had the day off of work and spent the morning layin in bed watching our favorite shows and eating breakfast. 

We went to Hurricane and hit up the movie theater for the new Spiderman movie... which I really enjoyed! 

After the movie we went to my parents house and partied with them and my dog, Gus.

 My mom cooked up some delicious hamburgers with all the fixins. She also had a spread of fruit, veggies and sweets! It was AWESOME!!!! My little brothers were on the pioneer trek so we had all the food to ourselves ;) haha. We headed home and picked a spot up on the hill where the old airport use to be and watched some fireworks. It was a good day. 
I love America! 

Happy Independence Day!

San Diego trip

So, the first part of June was awesome. Why, you ask? Because I worked 2 days, left on my trip for SF for a week, came back, worked a day and left for San Diego! Yayuh. I pretty much had the first half of the month off of work. I also got a promotion in June. I am no longer part-time. I am full-time now. Insurance! Lunch breaks! My own teller station! I'm so cool now! Ha.. not really. but it feels pretty nice to be recognized for my hard work. 
Now... let me tell you about our trip to San Diego!

So, Scot's cousin Colton was getting married in the San Diego Temple and Scoty's parents decided that they were going to make the drive down to attend the wedding. Scot and I decided to bum a ride and go with. We left on a thursday and got to SD and ate some BOMB mexican food in Oldtown San Diego. It was seriously the best i've ever had. Yum. We stayed at the Worldmark timeshares in SD and it was nice. That's where we stayed for our honeymoon almost 2 years ago (!!!!!!!!!). Exept Scot and I had the room with twin beds... so no cuddles. blah.

Friday we went to SEAWORLD!!!! love that place. (not as much as D-land though) We had fun watching all the shows... except the shamoo show sucked. Since the Orcas killed those trainers a few years ago the show is pretty lame. The trainers just danced around on stage and shamoo only came out of the water like 3 times. LAAAAME. 

 We also went to the dolphin show which was like a bajillion times cooler than the shamoo show. They did crazy acrobatics and the dolphins jumped super high. The other fun show was the sea lion & otter show. Love it. 
The new rollercoaster was up and running, the manaray! it was like space mountain. but not in space... in the ocean.

 that night we went to the beach and Scot played in the ocean by himself.. hahaha. We also got food poisoning that night. Yipee! 
Saturday was the Temple day. It was really nice. 

 Colton's bride was so pretty! and the reception was out of this world. It was held at her house, which was like the nicest, biggest house i have ever ever been to. SO FANCY!!! Which was awesome, cause all the food was so yummy. 
That night we had to find another hotel, because the timeshares were all booked up. Scot didn't want to spend an extra hundred dollars so we ended up sharing a hotel room with his parents. 
Now, Cindy & Jeff... if you are reading this... I mean no disrespect when I say this....
sharing a hotel room with you in-laws is a no no. Even if it is just for one night. no. Hahaha Scot seemed to think it was normal. I was like ummm, everyone else on the planet thinks this is a little much. Next time, honey, let's spring an extra fifty bucks and a get a room of our own. GEESH. 
The next morning we drove home and spent the night in our own bed. no twin beds or beds next to other beds with parents sleeping in them. Twas nice.

San Francisco trip

I went on an awesome trip with my mom, grandma and sister the beginning of June... and i'm finally blogging about it. (Picture overload, BTW...)

We went to northern California and drove along the coast, visiting cities along the way to SF. The trip was actually put on by Dixie State College and it focused a lot on art. It was really incredible and I learned so much! 

The first day we drove forever and finally reached Santa Barbara in time for dinner... we ate at the best little restaurant. I still dream about that place.
Day 2: We ate breakfast at the same place we ate dinner at... haha it was just too good! We explored some more of downtown Santa Barbara and went to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. 
After the museum we ventured on and drove to San Simeon, CA to visit Hearst Castle!  Hearst castle is the largest privately owned home in CA and was built in the 1920's. Mr. Hearst built his home to look like a mid-century castle up on a tall hill in San Simeon. He owned like 40,000 acres of land and even had a zoo and an airport on his property. His house was the "playboy mansion" of the 20's. Celebs like  Clark Gable, Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill hung out there on weekends for parties. 
We did the Grand rooms tour which showed us all the main big rooms in the castle. It was pretty impressive and really fun to see how rich people lived back in the day. There are 165 rooms and 127 acres of gardens, terraces, pools and walkways. Pretty cool, right? We thought so. 

After the castle we went to the beach and ate some awesome fish and chips at a little cafe. It was delish. 

Day 3: 
This day we left San Simeon and drove to Big Sur for a sweet rest stop with sea lions, haha. We drove along the coast on a rocky highway that was like 400 billion ft in the air and I feared we might topple over the edge into the sea, but we didn't. It was freaky.

We arrived at Monterey, CA and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. IT WAS AWESOME!!! 
It is one of the biggest aquariums ever, I guess. It was 3 stories and had soooo many sea creatures. After the aquarium we drove to San Francisco! 

Day 4 & 5: We spent our time in the city visiting museums and eating yummy food. We went to the de Young museum and the Legion of Honor Museum. I got to hangout with Picasso, van Gogh and Monet! 

the Legion of Honor Museum
van Gogh on the top, Picasso on the bottom

The de Young Museum
Japanese Tea Gardens
View of the city waaaay up high
After the museums, my uncle Dave & aunt Merrie came and picked us up and took us for a night on the town. They live an hour outside of SF so it was really nice to see them! We went to china town, fisherman's wharf, Lumbard street: the crookedest street in the world, and the palace of fine arts. 
 Day 6: 
This was the last day of our trip and we spent most of the morning at fisherman's wharf. We took a boat ride underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz Island. They told stories about the history of the city and the island while we enjoyed the ride.
 We ate the best sourdough bread at fisherman's wharf. I ate a grilled cheese and tomato soup that was to die for. My mom bought enough sourdough bread to feed an army and took it home to my brothers and dad. That was their souvenir. haha. We drove home for like 45343 hours and finally made it to St. George where my sweet husband was waiting for me. He missed me so much... haha ya right. He got to eat pizza everyday and sleep in our king size bed without anyone making him share the covers! He survived without me.

I had so much fun on this trip and definitely want to go back to SF soon! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

a Temple day, sushi and happiness

So Thursday evening- me, my cousins Heidi and Erica and my grandma went to the Temple for a sesh. It was good to see them and I always love going to the Temple with family. I am grateful for the Temple and the peace I feel there. I have been going there more lately and I have seen a difference in my happiness. :)

Afterwards we went to Olive Garden and I called my sweet hubby and he met us there. Olive Garden is gooood. Here's a cute pic of me and Scoty boy. Just look how handsome he looks! I like him.

Scoty has been working extra hard lately. He has a new job! He works in the ER at Dixie Regional and is a critical care tech. Basically an EMT that works around the clock helping people in the emergency room. He gets to see and help a lot of interesting people... and a lot of creepy gross injuries! I am so proud of him. He has worked there about a month and was just made full time. Yay for insurance!  He is really smart, i know i could never do what he does. He works so hard. Usually four 12 hour shifts a week but lately it's been like five or six days in a row. He is my tough boy.  I love him alot and cant imagine my life without him. 

Wednesday night I was able to get together with my friend Shanna who was in town from Colorado and get some sushi. All you can eat sushi. and we did eat all that we could. Yeahh sushi. Mmm.
She is so freakin' cute it hurts to look at her sometimes. I am really glad we got together! 

This is the first week I have had plans almost everyday. On tuesday, we visited my mom in Hurricane and ended up going to a movie out there. Scot actually was the one who suggested it and even bought me popcorn. He even picked the romantic Zac Efron movie. He was being such a doll that day. Everyday mostly :) I was really grateful this week that my schedule was so full and i had so many people that wanted to spend time with me. It was a good feeling. 
Now i am just counting down until the first of June because i am going on an art trip with my mom, sister and grandma to San Fransisco! Whoo hoo. 

I am a happy girl.

family time

What the... more than 1 post today? Crazyyyy! I'm so awesome right now.

My little brother turned 16. I still think of him as being 11. So, when he drove me around town in search of a snow cone the other day I kinda was creeped out. It's weird. He's old now!
Ben is really good at tennis. Like really really good. I am proud of him. He does tournaments all the time and wins like a champ. He is growing up to be a handsome boy and so many girls chase him. It's quite cute.
He is a real gentleman too, he sticks up for girls and is always helping out. He is a cute boy!

We went to Red Robin at his request for his birthday dinner. He would not take a good picture with me. I think he was embarrassed because i was being all nostalgic and big sisterly.
^ he looks mentally challenged in this pic...
but I assure you, he is not. 
He was just being a little brother and wouldn't take a pic with me!
Love ya Benny. 
 *my hair is getting long!* 


Blog worthy weekend.

My life evolved this week. It became blog worthy.
Most things I do you wouldn't want to read about because they are incredibly boring or you just might feel sorry for me. But not this week! Yeah!

It all started last weekend. My dear friends came for a visit. I haven't seen them for many eons, so it was much needed.

Taylor has been my best pal since we discovered that we were both awkward and chubby in 6th grade. It has been an awesome journey of eating chocolate pie and watching one another grown into attractive women (more attractive than 6th grade, at least). Tia, whom I conveniently did not get any photos of by the way, has been my other BFF since 9th grade. (She took tons of photos with us on her iphone, but lost it.. soooo..) She moved here from up north and we swooped in on her asap. She looked like she might be funny and she was definitely cute, which our circle of pals needed so we ambushed her in the hall. "hi new girl, wanna come to lunch with us?" I think it was Taylor who initially made the first move. We have grown to love Tia in ways that is impossible for other humans to understand. I am really happy that my best friends were able to come down to play with me. It was a blast!

There was snow cone eating, just alot of eating in general, carrousel rides, and birthday parties. 
 It was a blasty blast. Taylor also did my hair like old times. I love being blonde..r? I miss them!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Park City & Easter

I wish i was computer savvy and knew how to make my bloggy all cute and my header look adorable. But alas.. i am not hip with technology. 

Last weekend we headed up to SLC for Scot's little brother dallin's wedding. He married a really cute Alaskan native by the name of Marla and they are on their honeymoon in Cancun as we speak!

We drove up north on friday night and got to Mama Sweet's house around ten. Scot proceeded to lecture his poor little bro about marriage, money, cars, "being a grown up", and many other things i wont mention, and wouldn't let dallin go to sleep. It was funny. Dallin was like "ya ya... I know.. whatever..". 
We woke up the next morning and drove to my SIL Tera's house to shower and get ready since Gma&Gpa were stayin with Cindy and there is only one bathroom in the Sweet house. D&M's wedding was great, they got married in the Draper Temple, which is beautiful! and is surrounded by mansions... the houses in that neighborhood were like the biggest i've ever seen. After the weddin we got some really great pizza that was from this expensive NY style pizza joint that i ate alot of... yeah... mmm. 
Then we drove up to Park City and got changed for the reception. Their reception was at the olympic park museum place and it was really neat! Marla had the cutest ideas and their reception was so adorable.. they had mason jars full of sticks and burlap on the tables. It was really old fashioned and simple. We drank out of mason jars and they had a trail mix bar and tons of veggies and fruit.

 Scot and his bff luke decorated their car and it was hilarious because you could tell Marla was like OMG. WHY. she did not like it! haha. 

Scot and I stayed in a sweet hotel in PC that night and it was really fun. My grandma gave us a free hotel pass that she won at some travel seminar so we were able to cash it in this weekend. We went swimming and hot tubing in the pool and went out to eat that night and he drove me around main street and showed me the ski resort.  I've never been to PC so it was really awesome :) There was snow on the ground and Scot had fun showing me around because he use to go there every week to snowboard in highschool. 

Our hotel was also the pancake house and we got a complimentary delish breakfast with the package deal, but when i woke up at 8 and told Scot it was breakfast time he said he was too tired. So we slept a little more and didn't get our free awesome breakfast. After we got ready for the day and packed up & checked out we decided to find a cute lil cafe to eat at. It was Easter sunday though and everything was closed! We found a fancy contemporary bistro and it was the only place open. So we went. and it was freaking expensive! 
We should have gotten up early and ate our free food! HA! it was really good though... just way overpriced. 

 We drove back down to WVC and played with family and had an easter egg hunt with all the Sweet side at Scot's uncle James house. it was fun! It was a really great weekend and a fun adventure to stay in Park City. 

 I love him